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Holding onto Strings Better Left to Fray

Seether hasn’t let us down yet. “Disclaimer” is a great debut. “Karma and Effect” is a good follow-up. “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces” was a great record in its own right too featuring several great songs including the hit “Rise Above This.” With Seether’s fourth album “Holding onto Strings Better Left to Fray”, the band doesn’t disappoint either. They sought the help of producer Brendan O’Brien. And the pairing worked because this is the best sounding album Seether has made. It’s a polished and thick rock album, but it doesn’t sound robotic or overly clean. It sounds warm, it sounds like every album should. Of course the quality production is just one of the many reasons to listen to this record. Shaun Morgan’s song writing is fantastic here. His introspective lyrics and the messages he pushes across have a lot of different meanings, but they all share an attribute. Morgan’s voice carries so much emotion and depth that listeners can’t help but connect with him. When he’s singing about some of his torment, you feel it along with him because of that voice. The vocals here are as impressive as they’ve been for Morgan not just for how they were recorded but also because he’s going to higher notes and higher ranges. That’s something that we haven’t heard a lot of from Seether. The lyrical and vocal work is accented by a fantastic guitar effort. Those guitars are great on this album because they vary so much. There are thick, heavy rock parts. There are sections where effects are really turned down and made simple. And overall, the playing is unique and terrific here. Seether’s latest album is another great record for these guys. It’s diverse, heartfelt, intelligent, and sounds great… there’s really not much more that you could expect from an album.


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