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The Airborne Toxic Event

All At Once

The Airborne Toxic Event’s sophomore album and their major label debut “All At Once” is interesting. I wouldn’t call it a riveting experience by any means, but it’s definitely decent and worth checking out. The Mikel Jollet led band has a very interesting sound. It’s similar to The Cure with a ton of atmosphere taken advantage of on the majority of the songs. It also fits in with a lot of the unorthodox alternative music that’s grown as a genre, (Manchester Orchesta, MGMT, Mumford & Sons, etc.) The difference between this TATE record and the last one though is that this album was produced by Dave Sardy making everything plush and clean and honing-in the choruses so they’re not as unconventional. TATE’s sound on this album is lush and very deep but they didn’t lose the natural vibe that they had going with the last album. The songs are slightly more pop here, but the importance in the vocals that Jollet is singing hasn’t changed. “The Kids are Ready to Die” and “This is Your Wedding Day” are very powerful songs. The Airborne Toxic Event’s “All At Once” is a cool album that’s great to listen to for fans of albums. Unfortunately there are only two singles here that have the potential to show up in a lot of peoples’ playlists- “Numb” and “Changing.” Everything else needs to be listened to as a part of the album to have its full impact. That doesn’t make it less of an album; it just slightly hurts its impact in today’s music climate. This is an album and not just a collection of songs. The Airborne Toxic Event’s “All At Once” is for the hardcore music fan. It’s an album and meant to be listened to as an album. A lot of people aren’t going to latch on to it, but the people that do, will enjoy it thoroughly.


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