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The Downtown Fiction

Lets Be Animals

Fairfax Virginia’s The Downtown Fiction is like a cross-hybrid between Jet, The Rolling Stones, The Academy Is…, and American Hi-Fi. Basically it’s the splice of some really good rock bands but without the creepiness and the incest. The Downtown Fiction is great band and “Let’s Be Animals” is a good debut for these guys. With the release of a couple of EPs before this album and now a stellar debut LP these guys are on a roll with releasing quality material. The opening track for this album, “Thanks for Nothing” is one of my favorite songs to come out this year. Not just because it’s amazingly catchy, but also because of great production and the proper use of the fade out. “I Just Wanna Run” because it’s a unique song with a great hook. There are some early believers out there, not just on alternative stations but on pop stations too. The title track “Let’s Be Animals” is also a very cool track. It’s a creative pop/rock song that would make the guys in The Academy Is… proud. The problem here is those are the three standouts and there’s not a lot left on the album that comes close to being as good as those three songs. Everything is decent and easy to listen to, but nothing really blows you away like those three songs. The good news though, is that the rest of the album doesn’t feel like filler, it just feels like those three songs are that much better than the rest of the album.The Downtown Fiction could evolve into a huge band if given the proper chance. I’ve been wrong plenty, but I don’t think this album is going to explode these guys onto the scene. I do however think it’s a great start and a good album for some big things to come from The Downtown Fiction. These guys have plenty of potential and it's seen here in flashes. With a little luck and some patience these guys will evolve into something big. It might not happen with this album, but it will happen.


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