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Graham Colton

Pacific Coast Eyes

Graham Colton’s last album, the Universal Republic released “Here Right Now”, was a worth-while album that was filled with good songs co-written by Graham or just written by Graham. While “Here Right Now” was great, it wasn’t the perfect Graham Colton album. The perfect Graham Colton had to be made with him making the decisions. That’s what this new album, “Pacific Coast Eyes” is. In an interview with us, Graham said that he wanted this album to be filled with songs that he could sing better than anyone else. He wanted this album to be filled with Graham Colton songs best for Graham Colton. When you listen through this new album you can tell he accomplished his goal. The title track off of the album, “Pacific Coast Eyes” is the best song that Graham has ever written. That includes “Best Days.” It’s not just because it’s a great song, but because there’s not a person or a band that could sing that song better than Graham. Anyone who’s ever heard Graham Colton will know that “Pacific Coast Eyes” is Graham Colton singing. That’s the case with the title track and for most of the songs on the album too. This album doesn’t just beat Graham’s last album in that aspect. The songs here are better as a group with the three standouts “Twenty Something”, “Pacific Coast Eyes”, and “1981” being his best work. Even the production is better, the piano and the strings when implemented are applied beautifully and textured perfectly. This is a great album, and if you’re a Graham Colton fan, this is the album you’ve been waiting for.


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