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Build a Rocket Boys!

The UK’s Elbow is back with a new album, “Build a Rocket Boys!” On the new album, you can hear what the band is... for good and bad. This is an alternative band. I don’t mean that it’s aggressive rock or angst-driven music that a lot of people typically think of when you use that word for a genre. I mean its alternative because it’s indescribable. It’s a plush, deep album that’s key goal is to create an emotion and/or a mode through a tone across several songs. Elbow makes music that can’t even be sub-categorized inside of a category. This is hard for a reviewer, but great for the listener. On “Build a Rocket Boys” you can hear the band’s ability to do this. I’m not going to lie and say that it’s easy for everybody to listen to but you can definitely appreciate what the band does. On songs like “The Birds” and “Dear Friends”, opening and ending tracks on the album, the songs move and flow to so many different places that you think there are two or more different songs instead of just one. So Elbow has talent and they’re a good band, “Build a Rocket Boys” is a good album too. That’s why they get to open for U2. On the downside, this album isn’t easy for everyone to listen to and for how good the long songs are… sometimes they’re too long. The first two songs on this album are eight and six minutes long. When I put on an album, I don’t necessarily want to listen to two pieces of music for fifteen minutes. That said, this album will find its niche with certain listeners and be listened to by that niche for a long time.


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