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Hollywood Undead

American Tragedy

Hollywood Undead is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I have an ‘I don’t like bands with masks’ policy. That together with I’m not a huge rap fan and I’m generally not that fond of ‘simple’ songs about sex and well… there’s no reason I should like Hollywood Undead. But I do, I was a fan of the voice of Deuce and his work on the last album. Some good work from the rest of the group coupled with his work on the choruses; well “Swan Songs” was a good record. Deuce ducked out and they found a replacement in Daniel Murillo. His work here is good and Hollywood Undead has more than an apt replacement. So the new vocalist/music writer is better than the old one. But what about the new record, is it better or worse than the last one? This album is clearly superior to the debut album. The main reason why is because everything is ten to twenty times thicker here than on the last album. This album isn’t just guys rapping on top some subtle stuff, this time the music is thick and solid and the music does just as much work as they rapping does. That and they’ve toned done the Eminem impressions… and well it’s just an altogether better album. The choruses are crisper and everything is just all around better. It feels more dramatic and Murillo’s voice is superior to Deuce’s too. “American Tragedy” is a good album and there’s a ton of content here, 14 songs on a normal version, iTunes has tons of bonus content with the album too, so that’s a clear perk. It’s true that Hollywood Undead isn’t for everyone, but this is a good album to put on during a party and it’s got a few good songs that you’ll come back to. I’m not a huge fan, but I’m a fan nonetheless.


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