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Unwritten Law


Unwritten Law is a band that's been underrated over the years. It's true they've really only had one big single to hit different audiences in a big way ("Seein' Red"), but how can you not think of a band as elite that's been signed to almost every major label and has had a huge following over the years? So are they at the forefront of everybody's minds as one of the best bands of the past ten years? Probably not. Should they be? Absolutely. After thinking that this album was going to be the band's farewell or swan song, they worked well together with this effort and got enough creative inspiration to want to keep the band going. Hence the name Swan, it's not a farewell. It's a rebirth. And it is a rebirth in a big way. This might be the best Unwritten Law album that the band has ever done. It's definitely the most diverse. The front of the album is loaded with quality material that's pretty standard for an Unwritten Law release, but the back of the album is loaded with material that's incredibly diverse. There's "Superbad" which might be the best true rock song the band has done. There's "Chicken" which mixes the rap stylings of Del Tha Funky Homosapien into what surprisingly is a great song. And then there's "Love Love Love", which might be the band's simplest but most risky track ever. I'm not saying it can't be that now, but four years ago, that song would have blown everything else away. It's that good. Unwritten Law's Swan might not be a rebirth of a band in terms of recognition. I think that the band has reached the height of their popularity. But from a creative standpoint it's definitely a rebirth.


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