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When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes

When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes is another strong album from Yellowcard. The band has been consistent throughout the past decade putting out some solid music over the years with this new record being no exception. It's not the band's best album, but it is damn good. Going back through the band's past few records, Paper Walls was good because it had a ton of energy and spirit. Lights and Sounds showed off the band's new-found freedom after gaining a ton of popularity with a strong label debut. Ocean Avenue is the band's most known album due to radio success and perfect timing. Ocean Avenue was successful as an introduction due to some personal song writing and great music accompanying that song writing. This new album from the band is most similar to Ocean Avenue and that's a great thing. These songs feel as personal as they did on that record and the music is incredibly similar. It doesn't sound desperate. It doesn't sound over the top energetic. It's just easy to connect with. The quality of this album has to do with a lot of things but mostly it's with this particular lineup. Ryan Key's songs are easier to connect with here than on the last two efforts and his ability to write a strong melody can't be overlooked. Ryan Mendez's ability as a guitar player is really shown off here too. On songs like "Forever Young" his parts are tremendous. Sean Mackin's violin is back as a dominant part of the music and not just a prevalent one. The three of them fit in very well with the drumming of Longineu Parsons III (who's as good as it gets) and a great song writing companion and more than capable musician in bassist Sean O’Donnell. Here's hoping that this lineup stays together for awhile because they all fit together perfectly. If you're looking for a weakness in this album, you'll be hard pressed, but it's worth pointing out that the album is a bit short with only ten songs. You'd like there to be at least one more song included here. When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes is a great welcome back for this band. It's debatable whether this album is the band's best album, but it's the best version of Yellowcard.


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