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White Collar Lies

Kopek rolled out with “Cocaine Chest Pains” as a lead single in the U.S. and it’s debatable whether that should have been the case or not. It’s a great mainstream rock radio track if more stations had the balls to play it, but it’s controversial and not necessarily perfect for what it was supposed to do. It’s the epitome of what Kopek is about. Not cocaine, but not taking the easy way out. “White Collar Lies” is another strong example of this from the throwback trio out of Ireland. The album plays like it was made in the 90’s, back when people paid attention to great albums. It starts out emphatically with the previously mentioned “Cocaine Chest Pains” but that doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the album. It’s not a ramp up to a hill, it’s a ramp down to an interstate that takes you through hills and valleys and twists and turns until it’s done. It’s what an album should be. This album has been made the right way and the band’s intention alone scores them points. “White Collar Lies” is impressive because it’s an album. People will connect with different songs here depending on their tastes. Some will be drawn in to the lyrical content that these guys conjure up on songs with messages like “Sub Human”, “D.B. Cooper”, and “Love is Dead.” Others will get into Daniel Jordan’s raspy, kick-ass voice. There’s not a clear cut track that’s better than the others here, everything just plays well. That’s not an easy way out, its how music used to be and it’s rare for a single-driven market. Not the best thing that you’re going to hear in 2011, but if you listen to this album more than once it’ll become a favorite. It’s hard not to appreciate it and there are too many twists and turns here not to find a personal favorite part of this record.


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