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Go Radio

Lucky Street

After two successful EPs, Go Radio has released their debut full-length album on Fearless Records and it doesn’t disappoint. Jason Lancaster’s work fronting this band can’t be undersold. He’s got a very unique approach to his vocal work and its fun to hear his work on different songs across the record. Lancaster’s vocal work grabs attention but it might be the rest of the band supporting him and the frontman’s impressive songwriting that keeps it. There are several excellent songs on this album that you’ll listen to over and over including “Lucky Street”, “Any Other Heart”, “Kill the Beast”, and “Hold On.” “Hold On” is particularly inspiring with the range of the song, it starts out like an acoustic song, picks up into a rock song, and finishes with the best guitar solo I’ve heard in anything related to punk music in four years. Also notable is “Forever My Father” a song that will tug at hearts even if you don’t know the story behind it (and one that will for sure if you do.) If there is one knock it’s that a few of the songs could have had some more attention given to them. If they can make a song like “Hold On”, there’s no reason that there shouldn’t be at least two more with that type of variety on this album. Whether it just wasn’t in them or whether they just wanted to make that song unique, they shouldn’t have made more songs with that type of range. Realistically that’s a small criticism of a solid album; it’s just the only thing that keeps it from being superior to other releases. Go Radio’s “Lucky Street” is 14 songs long and about 10 deep in quality. If you’re looking for new music from a band that’s outside of the usual cast of mainstream bands this is a great place to start.


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