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Dropkick Murphys

Going Out in Style

Dropkick Murphys’ seventh studio album is their most ambitious album to date. You can always count on a release from the band around March, but this album doesn’t just feel like a seasonal release. It feels like a high-demand release that might end up being one of the best albums of 2011. The band took the concept album approach and made a great record with terrific narratives. Of all of the lyrical content on Dropkick albums about life and social issues this album has the most interesting material. And if you’re a fan of the album; you’ll never be bored singing along on the tenth or hundredth listen. Musically there is the standard Dropkick/bagpipe approach to most of these songs but they also mix things up and provided a couple of change of pace tracks to keep things interesting. “Cruel” might be the most attention-grabbing Dropkick song ever and one that will be a fan favorite during the 2011 line of shows. Plus, on top of the concept and the variety, the band enlisted the help of Fat Mike from NOFX, actor Lenny Clarke, Chris Cheny from The Living End, and Bruce Springsteen himself. The Boss appears on “Peg ‘o My Heart.” Dropkick Murphys’ seventh studio album proves to be their best, even though it probably won’t be remembered as long as the band’s previous work. The title suggests otherwise, but “Going Out in Style” is a strong piece of evidence that this band will continue to put out albums every March until 2020.


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