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Damien Rice


Everytime it seems that radio becomes saturated with bands and artists that sound the same, someone comes along and proves there is still hope for musical creativity in the music industry, and this time around that someone is Damien Rice. The Irish singer/songwriter possesses an incredible knack for delivering some of the most beautifully written and performed songs that have been heard in recent memory. Harkening back to sounds influenced undoubtedly by Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley, Rice’s luxuriant vocals, compliment his acoustic guitar and produce a sound that is unlike anything else in the mainstream today. By no means is Rice’s record upbeat, nor is it uplifting, but perhaps that is what makes his lyrics so powerful, and the raw emotion behind every note so believable. Evident on the track “Cannonball”, Rice conveys a beautifully arranged song, with captivating lyrics. The opening track “Delicate” along with the second track “Volcano” provides equal brilliance, and set the tone for this record. Perhaps what makes this album so noteworthy is its lyrical depth. The album provides more than just standard lyrics to be heard and forgotten, these lyrics are thought provoking, and stick with the listener, a quality that makes this album one to be heard.


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