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Counting Crows

Somewhere Under Wonderland

If you thought Counting Crows' last album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings was a compelling listen, then you're likely to think the same about their new album Somewhere Under Wonderland.

Before this release, Counting Crows had never had a returning producer, but with Brian Deck producing this record after producing Sunday Nights off of the last release, they do now. That works in the bands favor for a number of reasons, mainly because the comfort level in the studio had a positive impact on the band. For some bands pressure and tension works, but for a band like Counting Crows, the reverse is true. When things are relaxed, the band's able to debate things a little more passionately, they're able to play their actual parts a little better, and they're able to take a few more risks in order to create better music.

The risks that Counting Crows took for this record are pretty prevalent. The album's nine song long, the closest thing to a single is eight minutes long, and that's also the opening track. There's also a plethora of interesting parts in all of the songs. There's an unpredictable nature to this entire record that makes it worthy of being the follow up to Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings, maybe even it's superior.

Counting Crows latest is easily the best thing that they've put out this century. It's a dynamic listen that will capture the attention of old fans and new listeners.


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