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There have been two recent routes for mainstream rock artists to sell out in the modern era. They can write songs for the strip club, which was a 2010 trend. Then there's the power ballad route, which was 2007-2009. I start the review of Rev Theory's " Justice" talking about sell-out trends because after listening to the album, interestingly enough Rev Theory made an album that doesn't sound like they took the 'let's sell records!' way out. Yes it's true that there are three-ballad like songs on "Justice", but to be fair they're all clear album tracks and good songs. Rev Theory's second label release is a good clear-cut rock record. Vocalist Rich Luzzi has an tremendous voice, he's as close to Disturbed's David Draiman as anyone will ever come. And with his voice accompanied by some killer songs- it's a great mix. The title track and the first single on this record, "Justice" isn't great. I'll admit that. It's catchy but it doesn't accurately portray how good this record is. Instead it paints a picture that this record was made in 2002 with Fred Durst getting ready to drop in on a verse. That's not what this album is... that's just one song. The true great songs on this record are near the end of this album- "Enemy Within" and "Guilty By Design." Rev Theory has a clear chance to make a big impact at mainstream rock radio this year. Those two tracks and at least one other can do it for them. Not every song on "Justice" is great, there are a couple of tracks that border average-to-bad, but the overall product is worth listening to.


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