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Live, Love, Learn

Jesse Young

Jesse Young's "Live, Love, Learn EP" is a group of four throwback songs. In 2011, these songs will be appreciated by a group of people that love good song writing and enjoy good music. In 1997, these songs would have burned up the airwaves at Top 40 and Hot-AC radio. In 2011, the reach is considerably smaller for songs like this, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy these wonderful tracks. Jesse's "Live, Love, Learn" has four songs that don't borrow from different artists as much as tinge different influences through the songs. You can hear faint traces of Dave Matthews and Del Amitri on these tracks, and they're welcome influences. You can also hear the influence that producer Zach Ziskin had on these songs. He's known for working with Jon Secada and when you listen to this EP with this knowledge, you can hear that Ziskin's production with Jesse Young sounds like Americanized Jon Secada music performed with 90's classic songwriting. It's an interesting blend, and one that you can enjoy if you're a fan of good music. Jesse's "Live, Love, Learn" is great on the upbeat songs- "Every Step We Take", "If You Go", and "Shattered", but the duet that Jesse did with "Running" is equally good. Music like this just isn't made anymore, and I mean that in a very positive way. Jesse took advantage of some solid songwriting and some good production. The result is an EP that will be appreciated by people who love good music.


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