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Ben Ottewell

Shapes & Shadows

Formed from the ashes of Dopamine and Adequate Seven, Welsh band Attack! Attack! released their debut to very little fanfare in 2008. It wasn’t that it was a poor effort but simply that it was an average one, tapping into the American mainstreams obsession with Fall out Boy and bands of that ilk. Hardly surprising when you consider that the band was signed to Rock Ridge, an American label. This time round Attack! Attack! (Two exclamation marks so that they’re not confused with the US band of the same name) have gone up several gears. They still retain the American pop punk slickness but have added a nice hard rock edge in common with other Welsh bands, making ‘The Latest Fashion’ sound like a credible amalgam of Kids in Glass Houses and Lost Prophets. It should be no surprise then that Romesh Dodangoda produces this album and although the genre of “Welsh rock” runs through it like a stick of rock from Rhyll it still has oodles of class, style and catchy as hell tunes. ‘Everybody Knows’ ably kicks it all off like a whack over the head with a mallet, and although it’s all fairly generic you simply can’t dislike kick ass songs like ‘No Excuses’, the Funeral for A Friend tinged ‘Nemesis’ or ‘We’re Not the Enemy’(surely a cover of the Audiovent song ‘The Energy’). Indeed if your taste extends to the aforementioned bands you’re going to lap this up, just don’t expect anything hugely original and you might just see this for what it is, the best album of its type in 2010.


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