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Look Up!

We can only hope that Brookvale Records stays around for awhile. Based on the label’s first two releases, Tiger Riot and Hotel of the Laughing Tree, they should. We’ve already reviewed Hotel of the Laughing Tree and they’re an impressive band that has a ton of potential. The same thing can be said for Tiger Riot. Happily though, their label and their status are the only real things that the two bands have in common. On their debut album “Look Up!”, Tiger Riot exudes a ton of presence by creating mood with undertones in their music. Sometimes these undertones are eerie, but sometimes they’re bright and vibrant. They create these undertones with some synth-use here and there and they also create them with some stellar guitar work by Vincent Treglia and Alexander Harper. Just as important as those undertones is the music that it’s accenting. The bass work is fabulous here and the vocal work done by Christopher Tagliaferro is tremendous. He’s got a great voice and he’s able to change his delivery with different songs on the album. Not every song on this album is great, sometimes they get carried away and drag songs on longer than they should, but for the most part Tiger Riot’s “Look Up” is a good album. An early favorite to listen to as a taste test is “These Awful Words”, it’s a cool song that most are sure to like. “Look Up” is a good album, and if you listen to it you will like it. Here’s hoping these guys can hit the road and tour extensively to build a strong indie following so they can make another one.


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