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Runner Runner

Runner Runner

It’s a bit strange to see Runner Runner… well as Runner Runner. These guys were in a band called Over It that used to be a pop punk band signed to Lobster Records and then later Capitol. That band was great, and really… so is Runner Runner. What’s the reason for the name change? Well identity and perception are two huge things when you’re trying to sell music. And since this music doesn’t even belong in the same genre as Over It, it was probably time for a name change. These guys have out grown their pop punk past and they’ve matured as musicians. They’ve gone away from pop punk to make unabashed pop music that approaches the modern version of the UK group Busted. The songs are all extraordinarily catchy and the melodies are some of the strongest that you’re likely to hear this year. Early favorites on the album are “Hey Alli”, “Heart Attack”, “Life After You”, and “Unstoppable.” The first single, “So Obvious” isn’t a bad track but it doesn’t represent the best that these guys have to offer. It’s more of a transitional song to where the band was in Over It to where they are now as Runner Runner. This entire debut is fantastic and you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. The song writing is strong, and the overall production of the album by Dave Darling is perfect for what these guys were trying to pull off. The album loses some steam with the last three songs, but other than that it’s superb. For pop fans, this is a can’t-miss album and one that has the potential to do big things this year.


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