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Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Go Down Under

For their first collection of new material in over five years (not including their 2008 b-sides album Have Another Ball), everyone's favorite punk rock super-group cover band return briefly...make that very briefly...with an EP of songs by some Aussie groups. INXS, Air Supply and Olivia Newton-John are among the latest to get the Gimme Gimmes' makeover, and the covers are thoughtfully (re)arranged and predictably fun to listen to. If there's a complaint to be made here, it's with the scant running time; with a mere five songs each running under (or well under) three minutes a piece, there's hardly enough here to justify the $8-10 many retailers are charging for it. Still, it's good to have these guys back, if only for a few minutes. And if they're choosing their targets by location now, perhaps they should hit Canada next - I'd love to hear what they do to a Rush tune.


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