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Young the Giant

Young the Giant

It needs to be stated up front that Young the Giant is ridiculously good. That’s just from listening to the music and not factoring in how young these guys are and that they’ve only been taking their music really serious for the past couple of years. Produced by Joe Chicarelli, the band’s debut doesn’t just compare well against the most recent Kings of Leon album… it beats it. It’s track for track, a better album. The songs are remarkably well written and the instrumentation is outstanding. There are tons of guitar riffs that will blow you away and when complimented by a steady, driving rhythm section and Sameer Gadhia’s voice- these guys really are the complete package. This isn’t a perfect album, the middle and the end of the album isn’t nearly as good as the first five tracks but they’re something that you’ll enjoy listening to. The best tracks on the album are at the beginning, the catchy “My Body”, “Apartment”, and “Cough Syrup” are great songs. Young the Giant’s debut is excellent. If these guys can make more music like this and not fall victim to the things that young bands can get caught up in… We’ll be talking about them headlining arenas in a few years. Yes, they’re that good.


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