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Showroom of Compassion

CAKE’s first full-length album since 2004 has them going independent. They're releasing the album on their own label with a little bit of help from the distribution side of things. Even after seven years, CAKE hasn’t changed that much and there are two solid facts that you can count on. You can count on casual listeners confusing their music with Beck and you can count on their music to sound like the soundtrack to an Adult Swim show on Cartoon Network. It’s amazing how seven years removed from the creative process, a band doesn’t change as much as you think that they would. The band's take on suburban trumpet funk is still fantastic, when they have a great song like, “Sick of You” or “Mustache Man (Wasted)”, there’s really nothing like it. This album sees them being more diverse than just that type of song though. John McCrea actually sings on a few songs instead of doing his traditional drone and the band did a song that’s basically country on the album. Oh, they covered Frank Sinatra too. “Showroom of Compassion” is CAKE's return after a seven year break from releasing new music. A few things have changed, but most things have stayed the same. Just like all CAKE, you can’t listen to it frequently, but you can put it every so often and enjoy it thoroughly. After seven years, it’s great to have them back.


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