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Science & Faith

“Science and Faith” isn’t the typical follow-up album from a band that’s had their first taste of success. It doesn’t feel rushed and it doesn’t sound like the group wants to capitalize from the same things twice. The Script’s sophomore album has a similar feel to it, but when listening through the album, you can tell that it’s got close to the same formula, which is enough for a different result. The guitars used better on this album. One reason why “Breakeven” got so big for these guys was the guitar effect they used in its intro and throughout. When listening through this album and listening to/for the guitars you can tell that was something used more effectively because of “Breakeven.” The production effects are somewhere between The Goo Goo Dolls and U2 as far as that goes, and in general it makes “Science and Faith” a more complete listen than the band’s first album. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the songs are better, but because of slight changes and influences the end product is better. The pop songs are on this record in robust as they should be. Songs likes “Nothing”, “For the First Time”, and “Exit Wounds” dominate most of this record. But apart from “Nothing” and “For the First Time” no song on this album could fit on the band’s last record. So while staying with their sound and changing some smaller variables, The Script has evolved into something better than they were on their second album. It’s not just a good follow-up, it’s an ideal sophomore record. With their last album, the band crept its way to a variety of audiences and formats... We’ll see that even more with this new record. “Science & Faith” doesn’t just have the feel of a record that could dominate alternative-influenced formats, but music in general.


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