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Daft Punk

Tron: Legacy

Critics who were surprised at the considerable lack of club-ready material on Tron: Legacy, Daft Punk’s first foray into film scoring, apparently didn’t see Tron: Legacy itself. While the French duo and the sequel to an ‘80s techno-adventure flick seemed like a match made in heaven, Tron: Legacy takes great strides to be a serious blockbuster sequel to a campy cult flick, and its soundtrack follows suit. Here, Daft Punk employ a full orchestra and get their Hans Zimmer on, as several of the string-infused pieces sound awfully close to recent scores of Inception and The Dark Knight (Zimmer is even thanked in the liner notes). Still, Daft Punk add plenty of robotic touches of their own, from stinging synthesizers to more subtle dashes of electronica, and indeed there are a couple of dance-worthy tracks in the middle of the album. Overall, however, this is a score that’s more interested in setting a mood than getting you moving. It’s an exciting marriage of sounds, though not the blistering set of beats many were apparently expecting.


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