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The American Secrets

The Flight/The Fight EPS

There's a portion of the music community that is strictly independent. They like stuff like Bright Eyes, stuff that's strictly unique, sometimes hard to listen to and has no real outside influences. That's not to take anything away from Bright Eyes because it's insane how good the music it is, it's to make a point that this independent community thinks that they know everything there is to know about music... but really they're ignorant to everything they don't like. I ramble on about this to make a point. During the band contest that The American Secrets (then Victorious Secrets) won, you could read blogs about the contest and the band from people that knew nothing about the Secrets and treated them like a bit of joke. The truth though, is the Secrets were pulling a bit of a joke. The musical background of these guys is insane and it's not surprising that these guys collaborated and made an awesome band, two awesome EPs, and won the contest. Even though they are two separate EPs, there's six songs here together so we'll review them as one. All of these songs have a classic rock vibe mixed with a slightly independent thing and although they don't take themselves too seriously, the music is awesome. It's cool to hear about Eric the Viking, and Mr. Cloud... that's all I've got to say. These guys have a goal of recording a full album in 2011, let's hope they get it done because we need to hear more from The American Secrets.


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