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He Is We

My Forever

On first listen of He Is We’s “My Forever” you get the sense that they are a record label’s dream. They can be played over and over on the radio, they can build a huge online following, and their music matches up perfectly for sync licensing for TV and movies. He Is We’s music is so incredibly good that it’s accessible for anything. Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly have collaborated to become an impressive song writing duo with Trevor having a great knack for the music side of things and Rachel having an amazing voice and an incredible knack for writing stellar lyrics. The songs on the band’s album “My Forever” are all stunning to listen through the first time and have an unlimited supply of potential. There’s not much to complain about with the record. If you want to nitpick, “My Forever” was recorded with a few different producers in a few different places (Aaron Sprinkle actually did a few tracks and some of his best work on this album.) You’d think that with recording different places with different people that the album would suffer from some continuity problems, and it does from place to place, but the music is good enough and they did a good job with track listing so it’s not immediately noticeable the first ten times you go through the album. He Is We will be included in our Addiction Predictions feature and it’s not really hard to hear why. This incredible song writing duo should do big things in 2011.


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