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The Energy

Streets of In-Between

The Energy's "Streets of In-Between" is the band's best album. They worked with producer Scott Reibling, and the miracle of a great band and great production comes together wonderfully on the new album. The production on this album is second to none on independent efforts with some of the best work done for an independent band that I've probably ever heard. While the production on the album can't be praised enough two things need to be mentioned and held in as high of a regard. Adam Wolfsdorf's voice is amazing. All labels are concerned with the sound of a lead singer's voice and it being unique... well... it doesn't get more unique than Wolfsdorf's. His vocal is the closest thing to Rush's Geddy Lee, and whoever thought ANYONE could have a voice like Geddy Lee. The other mention with this record is the band's songwriting. These are bright and positive pop/rock songs that fit the band's name far better than the somewhat depressing stuff they had on the last album. It's not even just the positive vibe that the songs give though... the songs are about a billion times better than they've ever been for these guys. The Energy is a band that's on the right track. "Streets of In-Between" is a great album and one that needs to be listened to.


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