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The Show Must Go

Hedley’s third try to bring the music that drives the masses in Canada crazy to the U.S. could be the try that finally does it. This third album plays vastly different from the first two Hedley albums; those two albums reflected the time that they were made. The first album and about half of the band’s sophomore album are balls to the wall pop punk/rock albums that were great, but by the time they entered into the U.S. market… their time had passed. With this new album Hedley is diverse and has a refined sound that could be the next big thing here in the U.S. This album is a pop album at its heart. The biggest knock on this album is how it plays. The band worked with a few different producers on this record. And what happens when you work with different producers on different songs- you’re not going to get a lot of cohesiveness to the entire album. That cohesiveness is a downside but the amount of singles you get is a definite positive. If all goes right, you get the best out of all of the guys you work with and you get some great singles. That’s what happened with Hedley on this record, and the album did extremely well in Canada with several number one singles to prove it. Anyway, “The Show Must Go” isn’t a pop punk album; it shouldn’t even be considered a rock album. It’s a pop album. They cover all the trends here, but they do it well; from the dancy/humorous “Cha-Ching” do the pop ballads “Friends”, “Perfect”, and “I Do, Wanna Love You” Hedley has some great songs on “The Show Must Go”, even if it plays more like a playlist and less like an album.


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