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Fifth Year Crush

Wearing This Life

Floridian quartet have a big future ahead of them, judging by the material abundant on this the bands second full-length release. With an already impressive C.V-they have shared the stage with bands such as Dishwalla, Our Lady Peace and Lenny Kravitz as well as winning Budweiser sponsorship and winning numerous battle of the band competitions-Fifth Year Crush have managed to rope in Don McCollister (Sister Hazel, Shawn Mullins) to produce this pop rock gem. With a sound that lies somewhere between the Goo Goo Dolls and the pop rock favoured by the likes of Nine Days and Dexter Freebish, FYC are clearly intent on presenting a solid well crafted set of songs based on the old virtues of structure and hooks; a perfect antidote to the hyper-modern over-produced angst purveyed by other alt-rock acts. The opening pop-rock duo of ‘Devastated’ and ‘Madison’ set the scene with hooks that would happily grace any film soundtrack and although the soft melancholic approach of ‘Hollywood Ending’ doesn’t quite match the early quality the band more than redeem themselves with the gritty alt country of ‘Blinded’ the harmony laced ‘Swallowing Stones’ and the quite excellent ‘Next Fall’. In the cut and thrust of the music industry it won’t be too long before the majors are queuing up to sign FYC. Easy to see why when you compare it to the current crop of contemporary pop rock releases; ‘Wearing This Life’ stands head and shoulders above them.


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