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Two Strangers

Oddly enough, the new Black Lab album sounds exactly like the last two Black Lab albums… but completely different. It’s an odd statement to make, but it’s definitely the truth. “See the Sun” was two ‘formal’ Black Lab albums ago, and it relied heavily on atmosphere created by Paul and Andy to go along with the excellent songs that the duo created. The same could be said to an extent for “Passion Leaves a Trace.” This time, with the album “Two Strangers” it’s more about the songs and less about the sounds. There’s nothing that’s a straight across song with little production- but there is plenty where you can hear that the melody should have your undivided attention. That’s the biggest thing with “Two Strangers” there’s a greater focus on the tremendous stories that they create instead of some very subtle (albeit very cool) sounds and accents to go along with songs. They’re still there, just not nearly as much. That said- if you played the last three Black Lab albums consecutively you would be able to tell clearly that this is by the same band within the same point of their career. A lot of the songs are similar and the production and sound quality of all of Black Lab’s material can be heard uniquely if you’re paying attention to it. That’s what makes their material outstanding- it’s uniquely theirs and there’s no outside interference muddying things up. “Two Strangers” is completely different from the last two albums but is it better than “Passion Leaves a Trace?” Definitely. Is it better than “See the Sun?” Not really, but it does come closer than you think it would. The collective songs aren’t better but the production and the quality is better. “Two Strangers” has some great moments to it and there are more than enough to warrant a purchase.


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