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A Day to Remember

What Seperates Me From You

A Day to Remember’s draw and all of the attention that they’ve been getting over the past few months is warranted and it’s easy to hear why. It’s because the band has a remarkable scope of what they’re able to pull off and pull off well. On the new album the band is switching from songs that sound like nothing more than pop songs to thrashing hardcore songs to straight across rock songs, to modern/mainstream rock songs. Sometimes they switch between those styles on the same song. Basically this band has an original sound that no other band is capable of pulling off right now. Not everybody is going to like their harder edged/screaming/hardcore songs- but you have to respect the fact that they can go that route and then switch to something completely different in a matter of seconds. On the band’s new album “What Seperates Me From You”- it’s the perfect example of what this band is capable of. There’s a little bit of everything that the band does well that’s mentioned above and then a few things that you’d expect from a band on a Punk Goes collection (dude choruses, breakdowns, etc.) So the band doesn’t score crazy amounts of points with this record- but the attention they’ve been getting is definitely warranted. The only thing that’s disappointing about this is that I was hoping that it would blow me away. We need an epic album by a new band right now in music more than anything and I thought this had the chance to be that. Instead it just ends up being good to great and not great to epic… Clearly I’m being greedy. This album won’t be the peak for these guys- because they’re capable of pulling off that huge album (and I think they will eventually) but it’s still a great album.


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