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Would It Kill You?

Four years have passed since Hellogoodbye was one of the biggest bands in the world. There was a huge buzz about the band and it seemed like everything they were doing turned into instant success. But after a difficult time with their label and getting out of their deal, Hellogoodbye took time off from releasing music. Four years after the release of “Zombies!, Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!” and they are finally back with a new album. And now they’re a different band. On their new album “Would it Kill You”, Hellogoodbye finally sound like a band named after a Beatles song. They still have unencumbered pop music…, but they’re not using electronics even a fraction as much as they were and nothing is polished to perfection. On this album Hellogoodbye is rough around the edges and it suits them well. If you want a good comparison; it’s Hellogoodbye with the production quality that the last Jason Mraz album. They write music the same way and the production is still good… it’s just got that sound that you knew they didn’t run it through 19 extra filters. The new Hellogoodbye album might not be liked by fans of the band that liked them four years ago, but then again that group could love this album just as much as they loved the last album. Bands grow up, but so do people- so maybe the band’s fan base might not warm up to the new material right away because it is so different… but they will warm up to it and maybe even like it more in the long run. Maybe that doesn't happen, but it's too good for them not to like it altogether.


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