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After We Go

The band comprised of four original members of Days of the New that were ousted by arrogant lead singer Travis Meeks, and later reformed as Tantric stormed onto the scene in 2001 with their hit single “Breakdown”. After a three year hiatus, Tantric returns with their sophomore effort titled “After We Go”. Bringing more of the same energy filled rock, and the raspy vocals of Hugo Ferreira, this is another solid dose of Tantric’s highly addictive sound. From the hook filled chorus of the title track “After We Go”, the album starts off strong. Also noteworthy is the current single “Hey Now”, which despite the all too familiar opening guitar chords, redeems its self with a strong hook and an unmistakable sound. Perhaps the single to be had, is the song “Hero” which finds Tantric mixing a melodic chorus with their signature layered guitar sound. The album comes into serious question when the band displays their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”, which does little to impress the seasoned music listener, and puts Tantric in danger of being grouped with a myriad of no-name rock bands that cover multiple decade old hits- lets hope this song never reaches the airwaves. Perhaps the biggest disappointment on this record is the lack of variety that Tantric displays. Tantric rarely walks in any uncharted waters on this new album, seemingly following the same path they took while making their first album. To the hardcore Tantric fan this album will be enjoyable, but to the occasional listener, “After We Go” might not have enough to keep their attention.


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