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Joshua Radin

The Rock and the Tide

Joshua Radin’s most recent album is his most diverse album to date. You can no longer say that all of his music sounds the same. Really, you can’t even say that any of these songs on the album sound similar. On “The Rock and the Tide”, Radin pushes what he’s done sonically with a batch of upbeat, alternative songs. Although his stuff has always been extremely melodic… it’s been void of anything that resembles rock music, this album remedies that. That’s not to say that there’s not a difference between a normal rock album and a Joshua Radin rock album- because this is pretty light… but it’s still a welcome change. Compared to his previous two albums that just mix folk and pop, it’s good that the words ‘alternative’ and ‘rock are coming to the party. It’s different from his previous work, but (except for one song) his hooks aren’t as catchy. On “Simple Times” there were several songs that had amazing choruses. “The Rock and the Tide” isn’t that type of album, there’s a lot of alternative influenced content and music that stretches even further into blues territory, but the hooks aren’t as strong. “Streetlight” has the strongest hook out of any of the material… and although this album isn’t his best that song definitely is. “Streetlight” is an amazing track and it’s demanded that you listen to it… like now. “The Rock and the Tide” will keep Radin fans happy until the next release and he brings some new music that’s diverse and energetic to his live show with this album.


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