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No Apologies

As a band when you get to four albums, unless you’re one of the biggest groups in the world, you are who you are. You can’t do anything radically different from what you’ve done in the past or your core fans are going to be upset. That’s where Trapt is. This is their fourth album and they’re in that stage. The new album No Apologies isn’t radically different from the last three albums. The good news is that Trapt doesn’t keep making the same record over and over. Yes, all of their albums sound like Trapt albums, but they all have their own unique qualities. With the last album, Only Through the Pain Trapt was in re-launch mode. After a break of a couple of years they were back with a new record and a new label. It had more hooks to it than even their debut album. There was some definite pop on that record, but it also had some quality rock songs too. This album is the opposite of that album. This album is mostly rock with some pop to it. For the most part it paid off. Early on there’s tons of energy and raw emotion and the album keeps that energy fairly consistent save for a couple of softer numbers. Ironically enough, the title of the album comes from arguably the lightest song on the album.

There are a couple of ideas/thoughts that come to mind with No Apologies. The music is slightly different without Simon Ormandy. Not sure how big a part he played in the old writing process but some of the production and guitar effects that stood out in older songs are missing here. Guitarist Rob Torres fills in admirably and although his work is noticeably different (it doesn’t have the alternative version of a 311 riff) he’s capable throughout and has some decent solos. The obvious high of this album is the high of all other Trapt albums- Chris Taylor Brown’s ability to write a quality hook. I’ve always been amazed that more newb bands don’t try and draw an influence from Trapt. New band’s should pay attention to Chris Taylor Brown’s writing. He could teach clinics.


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