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Middle Class Rut

No Name No Color

Middle Class Rut is a two man band that features Sean Stockham and Zach Lopez. This is their first full length album and it’s been a long time coming. Was it worth the wait for early fans and is it worth checking out for newcomers? Yes and Yes. Middle Class Rut sounds like early U2 mixed with The White Stripes. Like other two piece groups before them, they utilizes space in their music. There’s not a lot of noise on some songs, and you don’t hear a lot of unnecessary elements. You can hear the best example of how the band uses space on their lead single “New Low.” They work with space and shift the music around to take advantage of it on what seems like a little over half of the tracks on “No Name No Color.” The surprising thing about the album though- sometimes when you know there are only two people playing- it sounds like there are ten. You can hear that on songs like “Are You on Your Way.” Regardless, of which type of track you’re listening to from Middle Class Rut, the band is amazing. With a two-man band space is going to be utilized. On "No Name No Color" Middle Class Rut does it perfectly.


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