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Juke Kartel


Live’s “Throwing Copper” is one of my favorite albums. It’s never been matched because it has equal parts of intensity and energy. That was when Ed Kowalczyk was bouncing around and being crazy and less serene. Nobody’s ever come close to matching that intensity of that band on that album… until Juke Kartel and their album “Levolution”. Out of Australia, this band has the potential to fill up arenas around the world. Toby Rand sings like the room is on fire and the songs that JK puts together are fantastic. These guys are a bit of a throwback, it’s more reminiscent of alternative and rock music before critics started throwing the word ‘post-grunge’ around a little too much. This album sounds like the aforementioned “Throwing Copper” but slightly less ominous and with more production. “Levolution” has some older JK songs that you'll know if you’ve been following them for awhile. It’s about half old/half new, but it’s all great. If you haven’t already, this is a band you need to listen to… like now.


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