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Marianas Trench

Masterpiece Theatre

The next big thing out of Canada to make an impact on the sizable U.S. market should be Marianas Trench. The band mixes pop punk with the incredible vocal talents of Josh Ramsay to fashion a glossy and equally outstanding sound that's unrivaled by any group in the genre. Ramsay's vocals are incredible and underneath the voice they have solid pop songs. The melodies are addictive and the harmonies that the band is able to pull off push them onto new ground. Their latest album "Masterpiece Theatre" has been out in Canada for over a year, but when we get it here in the U.S. it'll be easy to see why our neighbor to the north is into this band. "Masterpiece Theatre" takes an album theme, some great songs, and the talents of Ramsay and utilizes every one of those to make a... well a masterpiece for fans of the genre. "Cross My Heart" is a small sample of what the album does right, "Sing Sing", "Celebrity Status", and the three-part title track are all songs that will stay with you longer than the band's current single. It's been awhile since a group from Canada has had a large impact on the U.S. market. Hedley's on their third try now and neither of The Trews albums did much here either. This group has the potential to do what those bands couldn't do, not only because they're a perfect storm of marketing, but because they've got a great album and an amazing vocalist too. We never get surprised when something doesn't take to the public with the way things are, but we might be somewhat shocked if Marianas Trench doesn't catch on down here in the next year.


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