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The last Jimmy Eat World album, "Chase this Light" was for lack of a better word, noisy. There was always something going on, always something moving and flowing. and the energy was always present. It was a good record and it's still a fun listen. The new album, "Invented" is vastly different than that album and it sounds more like a Jimmy Eat World album that would be made in 2000, not 2010. The production value is fine, it sounds less-polished than the last album with less effects. It even sounds like it's scaled back beyond "Futures." The production assists this, but the songs the band wrote have more to do with the mood created by "Invented."Although it picks up after, the initial track "Heart is Hard to Find" is the personifying track on the album. The song mixes trademark Jimmy Eat World with a rustic tone and that unpredictability of the album never wavers after that. Several of these songs are textbook Jimmy Eat World songs but even if one song is, the next one won't be. A lot of this album takes advantage of space and slows things down... something we didn't hear on "Chase this Light." It's not brilliant, and it's not the best Jimmy Eat World album out there, but it's better than decent. "Heart is Hard to Find", "Movielike", and "My Best Theory" are the three deal-breakers on this album, if you like those songs you like this album. If you don't, there are other Jimmy Eat World albums. It's unpredictable but still heartfelt like it should be. "Invented" should keep fans content.


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