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Thriving Ivory

Through Yourself and Back Again

Thriving Ivory’s second record “Through Yourself and Back Again” won’t be as good as their debut album for longtime fans of the band. There’s something indescribable about listening to Thriving Ivory for the first time. Clayton Stroope’s one-of-a-kind voice on top of brilliant piano work by Scott Jason is hauntingly overwhelming. Even though this album isn’t as magical as the debut, fans of this group won’t be disappointed. “Through Yourself and Back Again” has the same defining qualities as the band’s last album; Stroope’s unique voice, Jason’s ability to write what are some of the best pop songs out there, and underrated guitar work from Drew Cribley. Even outside of just describing what the band does well, this album has a ton of staying power just like the last album. You’ll be listening to this album on and off for the next two years and you’ll latch on to a different song from time to time. “Love Alone”, “On Your Side”, and “Where We Belong” are stand-outs, but everything else is almost as good as those songs. If you’re judging the songs from each record beside each other the first record edges out this one, only because there are two more songs on the debut. This album is solid, just like the first one. If you’re looking for a complete album to check out you’ll want to give this a listen. Until these guys are one of the biggest bands in the world, they’ll be underrated.


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