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7th Symphony

Apocalyptica remains an enigma for most. They’ve been around a years but they’re relationship between the audience and the band has always been different. The string quartet makes some awesome music but because there are often no lyrics it gets to be viewed differently. Some people take it too seriously and others not view it as a bit of a novelty. Both those qualities drive people to the music but both of them drive people away from it too. It makes the group hard to pin down and hard for outsiders to get involved with. It’s hard for the outsider to tell whether it’s a novelty band or a classical approach to rock music. Either way, they make good records. The music is outstanding. It’s riveting and haunting. It’s jarring and emotional and the sounds of the strings are dominant and enjoyable. I’m not going to pretend that I’m smart enough to examine the approach that these guys take to a song. The music is amazing but it’s still easier to enjoy when a guest vocalist is involved. With this album Gavin Rossdale, Brent Smith, Lacey Mosley, and Joseph Duplantier make guest vocal appears to add to the outstanding music that Apocalyptica pushes out. I really can’t tell you if this is meant to be listened to casually or attentively and although it’s a little unsettling for me, that’s what’s cool about Apocalyptica… it’s that they are a bit of an enigma.


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