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The Toadies’ “Feeler” was supposed to be the band’s follow up album to “Rubberneck”, it turns out that when the label got the demos back from the band twelve years ago and they weren’t impressed. Part of me can hear why. There’s nothing here that resembles a single that would do for the band and the label what “Possum Kingdom” did. Still when listening through the album you have to shake your head at the insanity of turning it down, knowing some of the other product that has been shoved out over the past 12 years. Bottom line is this album should have been available to the world by Interscope in some other form that poor audio quality demos. The Toadies have righted this wrong by taking the songs from “Feeler” 12 years after the fact and hitting the studio with them. These songs sound like Toadies songs in their purest form. They’re raw and dirty with Todd Lewis singing his ass off. It’s amazing that this band has been around for this long and Lewis still sings with the intensity that he did over a decade ago. Lewis is of course supported by his bandmates Mark Reznicek and Clark Vogeler and they back him up perfectly. Feeler might not be as good as “Rubberneck” and perhaps it’s not fair to judge it that way. The thing is its still pretty good and it’s a better finished product than “Hell Below/Stars Above” and it really is a complete listen. There’s not a bad song on here. So should this album have been put out and would it have done well? The answers are pretty simple- yes and yes. I mentioned “Possum Kingdom” and there not being a single on par with that track on “Feeler.” I didn’t mention that this album has a song called “City of Hate” and it would have played at modern rock radio pretty damn good 12 years ago. The point is this- this album should have been released and it’s great that it’s out there in good quality. It’s interesting because the songs are so old and the band has matured and aged, so the sound isn’t quite the same as it would have been. But really there’s no denying that this album is good. If you’ve ever liked the Toadies this is a MUST.


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