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American Hi-Fi

Fight the Frequency

Stacy Jones’ credits are insane. He’s been involved with three big bands, countless quality productions in the studio, and then moving on to music direction for Miley Cyrus. Jones’ own project, American Hi-Fi has always been his best work. Without two stints of label turmoil Hi-Fi might be a band held in higher regard (and they’re already held pretty high due to a big hit.) Fight the Frequency” is the band’s second independent album and although it’s not a terribly deep record, it’s still a fun romp of decent songs. Some of the tracks have the edginess in music and lyrics that the old Hi-Fi stuff did. It’s dark and edgy but the vocals are in front of music that’s more upbeat than anything, making the approach somewhat ironic. There are several of those fun Hi-Fi tracks here and then there’s some pure-pop music complete with shameless hooks that might not be appreciated by all. I don’t have a problem with the kind of music though; in fact it takes a lot of talent to write songs that are that catchy. So a few of these songs sound like something you’d hear from a guy who helps out Miley Cyrus on a day to day basis, and the rest of this sounds like Hi-Fi. It’s a good mixture of songs. It’s refreshing to see a band from the past just wanting to put out music and have fun- not trying to recapture what they had or conquer the world. Not brilliant, but definitely fun.


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