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Ryan Star's 11:59 is an album that Alternative Addiction visitors have been waiting for years to come out. Now that it's here, the big question is ‘was it worth it?’ We've heard four songs on this album over the past year or so. They were on an EP Atlantic and Ryan released to tide people over while they were waiting to release the record. Those songs are- "Last Train Home", "Brand New Day", "Right Now", and "This Could Be the Year." We even heard the big single from Ryan that's picking up steam- "Breathe", so half of these tracks have been used to promote this record and it just came out. That's a little odd, and you can't help but knock off some points just for that fact, but 11:59 is still a great record and it was worth the wait. Songs like "Start a Fire", "Losing Your Memory", and "We Might Fall" are the perfect blend of independent rock and slick production. You can tell that Ryan takes great pride in the emotion and passion in his songs. These songs all have ‘moments’ to them that make them special. Sometimes the moments in the beginning, sometimes it’s a few minutes in and sometimes it’s in the end of a song. People who hate pop music will tell you that these songs all sound the same, but the truth is that none of these songs ARE the same. If the music does sound the same from song to song it’s because Star’s vocal work is consistent. His vocal work is outstanding from song to song and you can't compare what he does to anyone else. "Losing Your Memory" is the song where that's most evident and it's really the banner song on this record, even though it might not ever be more than an album track. If you like Ryan's work from following it here, pick this up for the new songs. If you haven't heard of Ryan Star yet, you'll love this album.


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