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The Maine

Black & White

I wasn’t a huge fan of The Maine’s debut album, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” There were too many bands like The Maine coming out around the time that the record was released and it didn’t have the big and polished sound that this band needs. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” compared to “Black & White” is like listening to a kidz bop song and then the normal version of that same song. It’s just a superior version, and anything before it borders on being geared towards the ignorant. On “Black & White”, The Maine is a bigger and better band. The songs are better, the sound is better, every instrument and every aspect is just… better. On “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” the band was good. They just sounded like every other 20 something punk band in the market… on this record they’re unique. They sound more like a straight-forward rock band, mix that with the alternative country style of bands like Augustana and the Counting Crows and then toss in some of their pop punk roots and you’ve got The Maine on “Black & White.” Simply put, it’s a great record from a band that is now a great band. There are 10 songs on this album that could potentially be singles. There are a few albums out there that you could say that for that have been released in 2010, but none by a band like The Maine with the potential these guys have. This is a tremendous accomplishment for this young band, and it’s an accomplishment that cements them as the top up and coming band out there.


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