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Brandon Boyd

The Wild Trapeze

Compared to other solo projects to be released in recent years, Brandon Boyd’s latest release received very little hype. The difference between those releases and Boyd’s release is slightly different. When you think of Incubus, you don’t immediately think of Boyd and I think that’s both a testament to him and that band. That said- I don’t get this solo album. Like a lot of frontmen who do solo albums, it’s slightly different… but not different enough to take notice. If you listen to any Incubus record and then you listen to this record you won’t notice many differences, save for this being primarily acoustic. The song structures are very similar to at least half of the Incubus songs out there and Brandon Boyd’s melodies have the same style. Basically, this is an acoustic Incubus record. That doesn’t keep it from being a decent record, because it is. There are several mellow tracks that you can vibe to and it has a nice aura around it that make it easier to listen to than an Incubus album. It’s mellow. The only real critique there is to be had is its Incubus without Incubus. You can wonder what a few of these songs would sound like surrounded by some heavy guitar work here and there and some more instrumentation. Brandon Boyd’s solo record is solid and it’s a good side project while we wait for the next Incubus album, but one can only wonder what would have happened if these songs turned into Incubus songs.


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