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12 Stones

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

12 Stones wanted to make a full album with their latest release. That didn’t happen. Wind-Up limited them to what they could do and decided to only budget an EP. I’m sure they had their reasons, but this 12 Stones EP is superior to the band’s past two efforts. The group’s most notable tracks come from their first album- “Crash” and “Broken.” There are two songs on this EP that together rival those two songs together; they are “We Are One” and “Disappear.” These two new songs have tremendous hooks to keep you listening to them over and over. This EP covers what 12 Stones does well. There’s the edginess and screaming of “Enemy” and “Welcome to the End.” There’s a quality ballad in “Tomorrow Comes Today.” And then the quality of the hooks on “We Are One” and “Disappear” rival anything else on modern rock radio. These five songs cover what 12 Stones does well, and remarkably doesn’t touch anything that they don’t do well. Not being able to release a full album might be a blessing in disguise for these guys. Twelve songs on a release and there would be some bad material, on five there isn’t any. In an odd development, the five songs on this EP rival the five best songs on their first album. It’s something that couldn’t have been predicted, but it’s the case.


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