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Just Another Ghost

The Debut LP from Sleeperstar is impressive. Just like his previous project Barefoot, Chris Pearson’s new project’s most impressive quality is sonic atmosphere. From the songs included on the band’s previous EP to the new songs like “We Go Tonight” the sound landscape on this record is what makes it fun to listen to. Things like the chorus on “We Go Tonight” and the intro on “Texas Rain” show the passion that this group put into making this record. The atmosphere is inspiring and almost as notable is the group’s ability to write these moody pop songs. They’ve borrowed from multiple influences to bring together something that sounds like the Texas version of Coldplay. Of course they might go to both of these wells (atmosphere and moody pop) a little too much at times with some repetitiveness towards the end of the album. That repetitiveness might have more to do with the length of the album and less to do with the actual material. If this album was 11 songs instead of 14, you probably wouldn’t notice the similarities on some of the songs. Sleeperstar’s debut album is a good listen. The production and the song writing are way above the passing line and the intensity in detail can’t be overlooked throughout the record. You can’t help but root these guys on to go on to bigger things; hopefully this album is a big step for them in the right direction.


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