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Ed Kowalczyk


Ed Kowalczyk’s debut solo record isn’t the acoustic album that many of us anticipated after he went out on the acoustic solo tour. It is very much a rock record, with some huge instrumentation and the Live sound that Ed helped make famous. If you’re judging this from the standpoint of a Live record, it’s different from what we’re used to hearing from Ed. It’s even more spiritual, and although it does rock... it just doesn’t hit as hard. This album does not have what made Live great in its early stages. There was a lot of maniacal passion in that stuff that’s never been duplicated. The band couldn’t even match it later in their careers. That’s the only knock that you can give this album. For being a new project, it doesn’t always present that type of energy. What’s always made Kowalczyk special is his ability to write songs. It sloped off slightly at the tail end of Live, but it was still very special. This is some of the best material that he’s written in years. Making a solo record has brought out some of his best stuff and the song writing makes this record a good record. It’s a shame that all good things have to come to an end, though it can be productive if it happens at the proper time. Live is no different. Yes relationships between Ed and his former band mates have been damaged. But who knows what the future will hold. For now, Ed has a great solo debut he can stake claim in.


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