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The Bravery

Live at the Wiltern Theatre

Gone are the days when the live album was an epic piece of music. That won’t happen in this era of music. Everybody has the capability to record a live record… some have better methods than other… but everybody can put one out. The Bravery have released their live album mid-cycle of their latest record, “Stir the Blood.” The live record simply titled “Live at the Wiltern Theatre (Nov. 5, 2009)” is a decent live set. It features all of the Bravery staples including “Believe”, “Time Won’t Let Me Go”, and “An Honest Mistake.” There are 18 songs on the release with the amount of songs being spread out evenly over the bands three albums. Every song sounds great with the recording, especially Sam Endicott’s vocals. The only small quip is the lack of interaction you hear between Endicott and the audience. There’s not a lot of interaction between songs or most of it has been trimmed out to the smallest degree. You can’t gripe about that too much because you’re buying this album for the music. It’s not an excellent album that you have to listen to, but it’s decent. If you’re a fan of the band, you’ll like the live set. If you even like a couple of songs from the band, preview the live versions.


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