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Black Sunshine

Black Sunshine

Black Sunshine is the group fronted by professional skier Matt Reardon, the band on first examination listens through a lot like Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, and Saving Abel. Bands that aren’t very introspective but have quality rock songs. Upon deeper inspection though, Reardon’s songs with Black Sunshine are introspective and deep as well as melodic and fun. Not every song on the album is a winner; there are some dry and boring moments in the middle of the album. But Black Sunshine turns in with a good debut album that fans of today’s rock will love. “Once In My Life” is a great anthem song from this band, but past that “Slave” and “Tears” are great tracks to check out too. “Hell Yeah” loses the album some points just for being what it is, but for the most part this self-titled debut record is a solid album.


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